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Closed Circuit TV and HD Camera Surveillance

Being able to see what’s happening is fundamental to maintaining the security of any facility. Hiring, training and maintaining enough individuals to visually monitor larger facilities represents not only an initially huge financial investment but additional recurring expenditures for payroll, insurance, etc. Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) enables you to ‘put eyes on’ virtually everywhere you need to survey. Today’s digital systems, such as Alibi Security, are light years ahead of older systems, able to capture, record and store large amounts of crystal clear video. From the vastly improved video camera quality to increased computer processing capabilities, the real-time/recorded video is now a value-rich product for accomplishing multiple tasks.

Honeywell Home-Resideo, Total Connect

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For Your Home

No parent can be everywhere. Alarm Man of NC helps you see what’s happening in your home even when you can’t be there. With state-of-the-art digital video recording equipment, you can receive a video clip with text or email confirmation of your child arriving home. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your child is exactly where he or she is supposed to be.

You can view real-time video that allows you to quickly identify any visitors or service providers that come to your home. Used in conjunction with Honeywell Home-Resideo, Total Connect system, you can receive a video with text or email confirmation of their arrival or unlock a door to give them access to your home as needed. Talk to the professionals at Alarm Man of NC today about surveillance cameras and the Honeywell Home-Resideo, Total Connect system.

Alibi Surveillance Camera

Alibi Security Systems

For Your Business

Nothing deters a would-be shoplifter more than an Alibi HD camera or security system. No thief wants to become a YouTube sensation. It’s been proven that video cameras also help keep employees honest. Having an accurate video record is a smart, effective way to protect your business from theft. In addition, many retail locations use CCTV systems for training purposes, enabling employers to watch employees interact with customers and perform specific duties in a real-world situation. We are an Alibi Dealer and are happy to offer their security and camera system to protect your company. Real-time videos can be recorded and reviewed as needed at a later time.

A CCTV system is more than a theft deterrent, it’s also an effective way to settle any disputes concerning possible liability claims. Should a customer claim an injury due to negligence, video proof could be your best defense. Ask us about Alibi Security Systems for your business.

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For Your Community

Alarm Man of NC has customers throughout cities such as Raleigh, Burlington, Apex, Cary, and many others that enjoy the extra security and safety of video cameras in the communities in which they live. Fitness centers, apartment complexes, clubhouses, pool areas, and many other public places use CCTV systems to enhance the safety and security of tenants and visitors. Alarm Man of NC uses the latest equipment from Alibi and Ademco Honeywell Home-Resideo, industry leaders in security products and innovations.

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