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Home Security System MonitoringCary has the distinction of being North Carolina’s largest town with a population of approximately 135,000. However, it’s not their only distinction. Cary is located in the geographic center of North Carolina, making it the very heart of the state. less than 15 minutes from major universities including Duke, North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina, it’s no surprise that more than two-thirds of adults in this erudite town have a college degree. Cary Also has the honor of being recognized by the League Of American Bicyclists as a bicycle friendly community. With multiple parks and walking trails, Cary offers natural, healthy alternatives for those who prefer to take the road less traveled.

A community that spends so much time outdoors truly understands the importance of protecting their homes and businesses. Alarm Man of NC is proud of our role as a provider of high-quality security and home alarm systems for both residential and commercial needs throughout Cary, North Carolina. Using the very best in impressively advanced technologies from Ademco Honeywell Home-Resideo,, Alarm Man of NC customizes Advanced security systems, fire alarms, and other electronic protective devices that provide world-class security. Our experienced technicians take the time to understand your individual needs in order to deliver tailored security solutions for both residential and commercial clients throughout Cary and surrounding communities. They’ve been doing so since 1980.

Honeywell Home-Resideo, Total Connect in Cary, NC

Innovations in security technology make it possible to provide an amazing array of both security and convenience features that weren’t even considered possible a mere 25 years ago. The Honeywell Home-Resideo, Total Connect system is a perfect example of how technology can be used to deliver both security features as well as comfort and convenience benefits.

Home Security System

Honeywell Home-Resideo, Total Connect gives you amazing control over your home’s thermostat, door locks, lights, alarm system, surveillance cameras and more. With an easy-to-use app, your smartphone, iPad or other smart device becomes the universal remote for your home. You can unlock doors for visiting service providers, disarm your alarm system, turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature of your home and more. With the right surveillance system and/or HD video equipment, you can choose to receive a real-time video when someone rings your doorbell, disarms or arms the alarm system or enters or leaves your home. Parents love this feature that allows them to verify what time their children leave the home and what time they return. It’s especially convenient for granting access to service providers when you can’t be there. There is no reason to be stuck at home anymore with Honeywell Home-Resideo, Total Connect.

Alarm Man of NC offers equally impressive technologies for today’s business owners. Companies throughout Cary, North Carolina can have their very own CCTV system. These closed-circuit TV systems are an affordable and effective way to monitor multiple areas throughout any facility. With CCTV, a single in-house monitoring station can be managed by a single employee, eliminating the burdensome expense of hiring, training and maintaining additional security staff. Companies often combine CCTV with digital video recorders as a training tool. Record your employees and evaluate their performance at your convenience.

For the ultimate in security for both homes and businesses, Alarm Man of NC offers 24-hour Central Station monitoring service through Security Central, one of the industry’s most respected names in security monitoring. Whatever the need, the professionals at Alarm Man of NC provide real-world security solutions as an authorized Ademco Honeywell Home-Resideo, Dealer.

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