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Because of its high-quality cameras, easy scaling, and affordable rates, Alibi is the ideal hybrid video surveillance system. You can integrate analog and IP systems with Alibi. Only two IP channels are available in Alibi’s system. This review is for small business owners who are thinking about investing in a hybrid video surveillance system. We propose Alibi HD cameras as the best hybrid video surveillance system after researching and analyzing dozens of video surveillance systems. Hybrid solutions let you connect your old analog cameras to newer IP cameras.

Hands Holding Phone Showing Video from Alibi HD Cameras in Cary, Durham, Apex, NC, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Burlington, NCHere are the main reasons why Alibi was chosen as our best hybrid video surveillance system.

  • Hybrid Surveillance System with High Efficacy

Alibi offers competitively priced systems that allow you to combine your existing analog closed-circuit television cameras with the high-tech internet protocol (IP) cameras that are becoming a market standard. Additionally, there are HDMI and VGA video outputs as well as a CVBS auxiliary monitor output on the system.

  • IP Cameras of High Quality

With the Alibi hybrid video recorder, you can utilize any of Alibi’s analog or HD-TVI cameras. However, the IP channels require Alibi-made cameras. Alibi offers a wide range of models to suit any budget. It includes dome cameras, bullet cameras, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) options, as well as network and cloud-based IP cameras.

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