Alarm Systems, and Security Systems in Raleigh, NC

Alarm Systems in Raleigh, NC

Whether you have a family of five or are living on your own, we all seek something in common; to come home to a safe environment. The crime rate in Raleigh is higher than almost 80% of the other cities and towns in North Carolina. That is why Alarm Man of Raleigh is the best choice for keeping your home safe. Alarm Man is a family-owned business installing alarm systems and security systems in Raleigh and surrounding areas since 1980. Alarm Man only installs the highest quality products into our client’s homes. At Alarm Man we think of all of our clients as our friends and we want to give our friends the best service possible.

Alarm Systems Installation

Installing alarm systems and security systems might be our business, but it is also our passion. At Alarm Man, we pride ourselves on being family-owned and operated. The professionals at our company truly take interest in every one of our clients as if they were a part of the family. Alarm Man offers free estimates and consultations to ensure that you, the client, are getting the most out of your home security systems.

Security Systems in Raleigh, NC

Security Systems with 24-Hour Monitoring

Our employees take their time to learn about each of our Raleigh clients, so we can better understand what security systems and alarm systems would work best for them. Our professionals will spot areas in your home where security can be improved and create a customized security system for you. We offer wired or wireless security systems which can include camera and video recording. Our 24-hour central station monitoring quickly responds and dispatches police, when necessary. Our experts at Alarm Man understand that every home has different security needs, which is why installing the same generic security and alarm systems wouldn’t be effective. We strive to give the customers the most for their money.

Alarm Systems in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh city is home to numerous museums and universities where you can learn about the rich history of the city. To learn about Raleigh and North Carolina’s past, go to the North Carolina Museum of History, which features a large curated collection of artifacts. The Museum also holds the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, stuffed with sports memorabilia. Raleigh is also the home to the most live music in all North Carolina.

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